Can I add more resources like RAM and CPU to a protected storage server?


Unfortunately, no, but there are alternatives.

Why can’t you add CPU and RAM?

The protected storage servers are not meant to be used for heavy processing.  They include a small amount of RAM and CPU compared to other servers for a reason.  You should try to offload as much processing as possible and use the server strictly for small tasks and storage.


What is the alternative?

Order a memory intensive or processor intensive server in the Chicago Metro datacenter and mount the protected storage drive through SSHFS or NFS.  We can setup a private IP on both servers so data transfer between systems is not counted.  You can do all the processing on the second server while utilizing the storage of the other VPS.  The protected storage server should be limited to static file storage and backups while you can use the Turbo Disk of the intensive server to run databases and other I/O heavy applications.



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