Can’t login through root in SSH


This is a security feature enabled by default on our virtual servers. This has been standard on many OS distributions lately as well.

To disable the security feature (Not recommended)

You can add the following line to /etc/ssh/sshd_config and restart your SSH server to enable direct root logins:

AllowUsers root

Gaining root privileges the recommended way

The recommended method of gaining superuser privileges now is to use either ‘su root’ to gain root access or use ‘sudo’ to run root commands from the administrative user. This requires a user to need two passwords to run superuser commands limiting the effectiveness of hacking and brute forcing.

Gain root access
su root

Run a command with root privileges
sudo useradd newuser

Other information

To run su or sudo, your user needs to be in the wheel group. This is done automatically if you use the administrative user from our reinstall feature.

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