How fast are support response times?


Response times mean very little to us, it is all about resolution. Just because someone responds to your ticket doesn’t mean you are getting the help you need. For general support we usually provide a resolution within a half hour to an hour sometimes as little as 5 minutes but it all depends on priority and the level of work involved. If you’re server is down, you’re going to be helped before someone asking for consultation or advice. We do offer free advice and consultation with our management service. If you are asking for advice, your ticket will be a lower priority and you may have to wait.

Managed services such as control panel installs, LAMP setups, migration services can take up to 24 hours. We have a queue for management work. If there is a sense of urgency, open a General Support ticket instead of a Managed Services request, explain your situation, and we will work to provide a quicker resolution.

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