What features are available on your control panel?


Our control panel includes various different modules. The most important for you, VPSGrid for Virtual Servers.

VPSGrid Virtual Servers

  • Easily manage multiple servers in multiple locations
  • Dashboard for viewing live statistics and graphs
  • Remote Reboot
  • Reinstall Operation System’
  • Server Console: Enter the terminal of your server in case you lock yourself out or don’t have SSH enabled.
  • Enable NFS/Fuse Support
  • Set Server Hostname, Timezone, and DNS Resolvers
  • View System Processes, Sort by Resources, Kill Processes
  • Manage SSH Keys
  • Manage System Users, Reset Passwords
  • IP Address List with rDNS Support
  • VPN Devices: Enable TUN, PPP, and IPSec.

Domain Name System

  • Create DNS records and manage domains on our nameservers

Billing System

  • Order new Service
  • View recurring charges
  • View payment history
  • View invoice

CRM & Help Desk

  • Submit support, sales, and billing tickets for customer assistance.

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