What happens if my server is hacked?


Managed Servers

We’ll handle the effects of a server hack as long as you opt for our secure setup and firewall installation and we have no reason to believe you compromised security. We secure the server from from all common forms of attacks.

If you used insecure passwords or disabled any security functions of our firewall then you will have to manage the effects yourself or be subject to our extended management rate of $30/hour for work required. We always recommend using passwords of at least 12 characters with combinations of upper case, lower case, and numbers. The combination of our secure setup and using a secure password should keep your account safe.

Application Related Hacks

Even if you subscribe to our management service, we do not support web applications unless you contracted us to install them and update them. Therefore security issues specific to web applications, for example WordPress, Drupal, or Forums, are not supported. It is your responsibility to make sure these applications are installed correctly and kept up to date.

Self-Managed Servers

For self-managed servers, it is your responsibility to ensure servers are properly secured. We can offer basic advice and you can contract our extended management services for $30/hour to help manage the effects of the hack.

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