What is the hard drive setup for your cloud servers?


We have two different HDD setups for our Protected Storage and Turbo Disk offerings.  The Turbo Disk is available on Memory Intensive, Processor Intensive, and Bandwidth Intensive servers.

Turbo Disk

SATA+SSD blend utilizing network mirroring.  Highly accelerated using SSD arrays and proprietary caching.  Systems benchmark at over 100K IOPS.


Protected Storage

Large SATA disk arrays utilizing network mirroring geared towards capacity, not speed.  Systems are not cached and should not expect heavy I/O usage.


Network Mirroring

Our network mirroring is our primary feature of our cloud storage.  Instead of normal RAID, in which data is mirrored between hard drives on the same system, our cloud mirrors data between two physical servers on a private network ensuring data is not lost in the event of any hardware failure on a single server.

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